Wine Rack HQ has been the premier wine supply headquarters in Chico, California since 2004. The City of Roses is home to some of the region’s most renowned wineries and wine bars. Traditional Italian wines more your palate? How about non-traditional upstarts? No matter your preference, Chico is well-known for its place in the wine industry.

Supplying Individuals and Vineyards

Here at Wine Rack HQ, we are prepared to meet all of your supply needs. We have all of the equipment your established or upstart vineyard needs to succeed in wine country. And we also cater to individual winemakers. We can outfit any operation of any size and scale with the equipment needed to help you succeed.

Do you need new cleaning equipment or bottle fillers? How about fermentation equipment or bottling gear? We can supply all of that and more. We have the region’s largest stockpile of wine ingredients and wine kits available for even the most discerning palate. We have all of the most popular wine additives as well as some of those that are a bit harder to find.

Courses on Winemaking and Vineyard Operation

Wine Rack HQ offers weekly and monthly courses on winemaking and vineyard operation to our VIP clientele. The courses are both instructional and open-forum style, providing you and your industry peers opportunities to discourse on our favorite pastime, hobby and livelihood. If you’re just getting established, our quarterly course designed specifically for beginners would be ideal for you.


How about some cheese with your wine? We stock a fine selection of assorted cheeses to pair with your wines. Not only that, but we also offer a variety of cheese-making kits. We have the ever-popular mozzarella and ricotta kits, as well as hard cheese-making kits. There are animal and vegetable rennets, both liquid and tablet varieties, as well as cultures, salts and cheesecloths.

The question is less about what Wine Rack HQ does have and more about what we don’t. Chances are, we have everything you need for your wines or wine pairings readily on-hand. If we don’t? Say the word, and we’ll get it.

Reach Out

If you or your vineyard would like more information regarding our wine supplies or course offerings, reach out to us. We’ll reply as soon as possible. We can offer complete catalogs, custom order plans and tips and advice to get you pointed in the right direction.

sommeliers, connoisseurs, vinos: we want you!

If you think you know a thing or two about wine, we would very much like to hear from you. While our admins are constantly working to bring you posts about the most delectable and delicious wines, we also know from experience how important it is to give voices to small businesses. This is a formal call for contributors to this blog.

We only ask a few things of our contributors. Firstly, we ask that you share your posts on any social media outlet you feel comfortable with. Secondly, we do check for plagiarism, so all work must be original and your own. Additionally, we ask that your work not be featured on or published anywhere else, as we ask for publishing rights for your piece.

Think you have what it takes? Visit our contact page to reach out to us. Make sure you identify yourself in your email, that way we can get back to you.

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Rachel Shepherd owns and operates Wine Rack HQ out of Chico, California. Deep in the lush, rolling hills of wine country, Rachel knows well what makes a quality wine, and hopes to weed out quality from non-quality. Rachel became enamored with wine when she worked at an Italian restaurant in San Fransisco to get through college. In her time there, she eventually became the restaurant’s Sommelier and came to know how to pair the best wines with the best foods. Now, she wants to make all of the visitors to this site just as knowledgeable in California wines as she is.


This site is dedicated to only showcasing the finest wines and wine accompaniments, with no exceptions. Rachel carefully selects what is posted on her site, and no duds slip through the cracks. That being said, this site will recommend wine to you, and hopefully you grow as fond of our pairings as we are.


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