About Our Admin

Rachel Shepherd owns and operates Wine Rack HQ out of Chico, California. Deep in the lush, rolling hills of wine country, Rachel knows well what makes a quality wine, and hopes to weed out quality from non-quality. Rachel became enamored with wine when she worked at an Italian restaurant in San Fransisco to get through college. In her time there, she eventually became the restaurant’s Sommelier and came to know how to pair the best wines with the best foods. Now, she wants to make all of the visitors to this site just as knowledgeable in California wines as she is.


This site is dedicated to only showcasing the finest wines and wine accompaniments, with no exceptions. Rachel carefully selects what is posted on her site, and no duds slip through the cracks. That being said, this site will recommend wine to you, and hopefully you grow as fond of our pairings as we are.


Rachel Shepherd may be reached at the following email. We ask for your patience in regards to her response time.