Innovative and Unique Wooden Household Items

Crafting Your Furniture

You might think that wood is outdated when it comes to furniture and other household items, but with a bit of creativity, this material can do a lot for a home in terms style and appeal. The best way to wow guests while maintaining functionality, is to think outside the box when it comes to decorating. From wooden computer keyboards, phone cases and patio furniture, there is little that wood can’t do. Keep in mind though, that not every wood species is equal to the next. Certain kinds will do better or worse depending on the project and environment.

Popular Wood Types

  • Teak– This unique wood species calls home to nations in Southeast Asia and is considered very precious because of its natural ability to remain strong against all sorts of weather conditions. The oils and rubber of this wood is what keeps it durable and rot free and also pretty expensive. Due to its water resistant nature, this wood is wonderful for bathroom additions like counter tops and teak shower benches.
  • Mahogany– Traditional and strong, this species is a favorite among fine furniture crafting. The subtle grain and rich colors flow well with many kinds of home design.
  • Red OakDeeply grained and tough, red oak is used in both traditional and modern furniture making. This wood type is usually moderately priced and will live up to the everyday wear and tear of regular use.

Interesting Ideas

  • Vanities– All natural and elegant. Installing a wooden vanity in your bathroom, especially one made from half of a tree trunk, will provide a peaceful and grounding atmosphere every single day.
  • Side tables and desks– People often overlook pallets as a creative way to craft furniture but are very versatile and inexpensive. Made from rough cut pine, regular pallets will go a long way in both design and cost.
  • Patio chairs and tables– Depending on how open minded you are and the look you’re going for, salvaging or purchasing whole or half trunks of wood might be all you need. Try setting the trunks into a curved iron frame and laying over a funky patterned pad for a unique and interesting patio chair.

The options are truly limitless when it comes to innovative wooden furniture. If you like a cleaner look, this material can easily be molded to fit a modern home. If rustic and cozy is what you prefer, you’ll definitely have a ton to work with. The art of furniture design doesn’t have to be common. Flex your creative muscles and have a little fun! There are so many different species of wood to choose from and each one has something new to offer. Just remember, it’s not about what the item is but how you make it different.